Light, agile, fast

Introducing Gazelle's hybrid attenuated mooring platform, an evolutionary step-change in the design of floating platforms. Lighter, smaller and more agile than current designs, the Gazelle delivers unmatched stability and capacity. Moreover, our design benefits from modularisation, time-tested manufacturing processes, and can easily be assembled at port facilities worldwide.

Key members of the team: Jon Salazar, Javier Cavada, Adrian Haworth, Connie Hedegaard

Everything you need to know

In this series of videos you will hear members of our leadership team discuss the future of offshore wind power, what shapes our technology and what drives us in our mission to unlock, enable and accelerate the transition to offshore wind.
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Wind will be the source of half Europe’s electricity by 2050 ... One of the most abundant, natural and clean sources is offshore wind energy and is therefore of key importance.”


We are going above and beyond

Gazelle's mission is to accelerate the clean energy transition by becoming the benchmark for floating offshore platforms across the globe.

We've brought together the world's leading experts in the fields of naval, energy, and business to form a team entirely dedicated to enabling the move to deeper waters.