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Press Release / August 3, 2022

Gazelle Wind Power Teams Up with Ferrofab FZE to Manufacture a Modular Gazelle Hybrid Platform

Center for Manufacturing Excellence to be established in UAE to accelerate deployment of next-generation offshore wind platforms

DUBLIN and DUBAI (August 3, 2022) – Floating offshore wind platform developer Gazelle Wind Power (Gazelle) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Ferrofab FZE (Ferrofab), a UAE-based engineering and manufacturing firm, to establish a Center for Manufacturing Excellence at the Ferrofab Jebel Ali facility in the UAE. This Center is being established to manufacture a Gazelle hybrid modular offshore wind platform, based on Gazelle’s proprietary technology, that can be scaled to support any make and model of wind turbines, including models up to 20MW.

“Ferrofab has a reputation for engineering, manufacturing, and execution that is needed to bring our technology to the market at the pace we need to address climate change,” said Gazelle CEO Jon Salazar. “While many offshore wind projects originate from the oil and gas industry, Gazelle’s hybrid floating platform is designed solely to accelerate the development of the offshore wind industry and contribute to reducing the levelised cost of electricity (LCOE). Having a collaborator with experience in both sectors will allow us to deploy our solution and hasten the move to net-zero successfully.”

Ferrofab boasts a total of 800,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Jebel Ali, which is located approximately 40 km southwest of Dubai. The company has extensive experience in the engineering and manufacturing of offshore and onshore process equipment and structures for the wind, oil, and gas industries, which will be leveraged to accelerate the manufacturing process for Gazelle’s floating wind platforms and the assembly and distribution to ports worldwide.

“Based on our past experience in manufacturing offshore structures, Gazelle’s unique floating platform technology is on track to spur the needed evolution of the offshore wind industry,” said Johan Moraes, Executive Director of Ferrofab FZE. “With its innovative design and modular components, the deployment of this solution will be a revolutionary step in the production of renewable energy.”

Over the past year, Gazelle has been lining up top-performing partners, all leaders within their respective industries, to advance the implementation of the company’s unparalleled floating platform system, including MOUs previously signed with VCE, Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group, and Maersk Supply Service. Gazelle also successfully completed its first-ever crowdfunding campaign and named four additional industry leaders to its board of directors. 

Gazelle’s unique hybrid floating wind platform splits the ‘two classical functions’ of buoyancy and stability for a lighter and more agile platform than current market designs and boasts the advantage of faster deployment in deeper waters.

About Gazelle Wind Power

Gazelle Wind Power Limited is unlocking the massive deep-water offshore wind market to achieve global decarbonisation. The company’s durable, disruptive hybrid floating platform with a high stability attenuated pitch surmounts the current barriers of buoyancy and geographic limitations while reducing costs and preserving fragile marine environments. The company is based in Dublin and has a presence in Dubai, London, Madrid, Paris, and Texas. For more information, visit www.gazellewindpower.com.

About Ferrofab FZE

Ferrofab is a global leader and a trusted name in the field of engineering and manufacturing. The company offers a full range of activities in matters of modular static and process equipment, well-testing equipment, and special dish head forming. With the endeavor toward self-development and increasing its portfolio of work, Ferrofab’s vision is to be known globally for “Engineering Excellence.” Learn more at www.ferrofab.com.

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