Dr Antonio García

Arthur op den Brouw

Dr Antonio García is “the Brain and father” behind the Gazelle platform technology. His passion for this technology and innovation comes from his love and interest in Mathematics where he was National Champion of the 10th Mathematical Olympiad 1973.

Antonio is a doctorate in Naval Engineering and in marine Hydrodynamics where he has 20 years of experience working at Hydraulic Research Centers (ETSIN and Cedex). He has also worked for 22 years as an independent designer and consultant and is considered a world-class expert in the movements of floating artifacts in waves.

Dr García led the hydrodynamic trials and engineering designs of America’s Cup Spanish National team. Among others, his clients also include the MAPFRE Group, MEFASA, the Spanish Ministry of Environment, and the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food.

Dr García is the owner of various patents and publications:

  • Author of the NEPTUNO program for hydrodynamic simulations, with which the Gazelle platform (and all those of the competition) has been analyzed and optimized
  • Author of two patents related to energy savings​
  • Author of seven patents related to the reduction of movements of floating platforms (two pending, three for offshore wind turbine platforms).