Jon Salazar

Gazelle Admin

Mr. Jon Salazar is the Founder and CEO of Gazelle Wind Power.

Mr. Salazar, a serial entrepreneur, and investor is the Founding Principal and initiator of the Gazelle offshore industrial project. He has for over a decade led a successful track record in management consulting, R+D+i, and entrepreneurship in Europe and the Middle East, with a focus on new technologies and creating rapid growth via corporate and
business development.

Prior to founding Gazelle, Jon Salazar held a senior role at Deloitte Advisory, advising Top Tier financial institutions and some of the largest banks in the Eurozone. He has also held Leadership positions at Heathrow Airport, developing Europe’s busiest international airport Target Operating Model.

As an entrepreneur, Jon Salazar is very intense, passionate and focused about leveraging new technologies to impact people’s lives positively

Jon co-owned a group of companies that through digital transformation achieved an online presence in +32 countries, and whose goal was to ensure the sustainable development of individuals and society by improving financial literacy. As part of such initiative, Jon Salazar provided leadership for one of the largest Spanish speaking private investor online communities. Jon exited the group via management buyout to focus on and lead Gazelle Wind Power Limited.

Jon Salazar holds a Master of Science Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). He has been awarded several scholarships and distinctions and been recognized by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).