Valentin de Torres-Solanot del Pino

Arthur op den Brouw

Mr Valentin de Torres-Solanot del Pino is a Spanish businessman and entrepreneur, and holds a Degree in Public Works Engineering from Madrid Polytechnic University and a Degree in Civil Engineering from the UCAM (Catholic University of Murcia). He has been a non-formal education lecturer at the EUITOP (Faculty of Civil Engineering) of the UPM and a formal education lecturer at the ETSECCP (Faculty of Civil Engineering) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

His professional career started more than 30 years ago in different entrepreneurial projects, most of which he spearheaded himself, in different sectors (education, auxiliary construction, engineering), and in all of them he has been committed to sharing and transferring know-how, always demonstrating his concern with the environment, equal opportunities and the removal of barriers of all types.

He is the owner and Managing Director of Copredije S.A., a company that provides Coordination Engineering services, celebrated its 20th anniversary on 13th March 2018 and was the first Spanish engineering company to subscribe to the 10 principles of the Global Compact. As the owner, Mr. Valentin de Torres-Solanot del Pino delegates day-to-day management duties to his team of collaborators.

As a long-term investor, he supports initiatives in various fields, which include his time at the Zeltia group company Noscira (formerly Neuropharma), where he was non-executive Vice President and member of its Board of Directors. He has made multiple investments in Spanish startups and some from other countries, contributing his experience and eclectic character as an added value. He is a founding member of E2IN2 S.A. and at present is coordinating Project CIVIE, which fully identifies with his concerns in different fields.