Gazelle Engineering

Our journey is marked by relentless innovation in floating wind technology, grounded in strategic partnerships and propelled by a deep pool of marine and naval knowledge. Each step reflects our commitment to redefine the renewable energy landscape.

Innovation as standard

In our engineering division, innovation isn't just a goal—it's our standard. Specialising in cutting-edge floating wind platform technology, we're dedicated to the rapid advancement of renewable energy.

Our commitment is to developing and deploying Gazelle's unique floating offshore platform technology, thus contributing to the overall acceleration towards global zero-emission targets with urgency and creativity.

Local collaboration

At the core of our mission, collaboration is essential. As a design-led team, we understand the power of partnership in the renewable sector. Working with local developers, EPCs, and industrial partners, we combine our innovative designs with their expertise.

We conduct pre-FEED and FEED studies, ensuring efficient delivery of our technology for large-scale projects. Our success hinges on these synergistic collaborations, integral to our vision of advancing renewable energy.

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World-class expertise

Our team's expertise is the foundation of our innovation and collaboration. Led by seasoned CTO, Jason Wormald and CIO Dr. Antonio Garcia, we specialise in marine, naval, and manufacturing knowledge.

Our recent acquisition of Faustino Carceller, with its specialist naval architects and marine engineers, bolsters our capabilities. We provide comprehensive pre-FEED and FEED studies, adapting our floating wind technology to varying ocean conditions.

The engineering team

Gazelle Engineering is headed up by CTO, Jason Wormald, previously head of innovation at Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group, supported by Dr Antonio Garcia, Chief Innovation Officer,  brain and father behind the Gazelle patented design. 

The acquisition of Faustino Carceller, S.L. in 2022 represents a pivotal addition to Gazelle’s technical capabilities as it continues its mission to unlock, enable, and accelerate the offshore wind industry.

F. Carceller, renowned for its naval architecture and marine engineering services since 1988, now operates under Gazelle's majority ownership. Retaining its independence, the Carceller team enhances Gazelle's capabilities. Pablo Carceller leads as CEO and Director

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Gazelle’s unique offshore platform technology works in harmony with fishing corridors, making this partnership an ideal fit for both companies.”

Pablo Carceller

CEO, F. Carceller

Their expertise in the marine market will be key for Gazelle as we transition into an exciting new phase of development for both our company and the offshore wind industry.”

Jon Salazar

CEO, Gazelle Wind Power